Out of simplicity come great design


Josh Gosling is passionate about design and creating things. Always looking to simple yet beautiful items to create from.

Let’s start off with something simple design that you could do yourself.

A bedside table is one of the most important things in any bed room. Most important to put a cup of tea or coffee on in the morning and to store much needed bed time reading in ease of reach.

Breeze blocks are normally found on building site and not normally found as pieces of furniture within your house.

Now they can be!

Get 3 breeze blocks, these can be bought from your local DIY store, or ever upcycled out of skips. Now stack them in a Stone Hedge formation to serve as a bedside table. It’s super easy to create and shouldn’t require any sort of adhesive or other.

How much more complicated can it get?

Maybe not to everyone taste, but this striking yet simple design has everything you need from a bedside table.

Top tip would be to lightly sand the edges of the breeze blocks to make them more user friendly to the bed room.

Add it in industrial style bed side light and you can have a small piece of New York Style loft living in your very own bedroom.

Josh would love to speak with you about creating a bespoke project using creative range of products to turn your ideas into a one of a kind project.

Call Josh on 07954181042 to discuss your needs further.

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