What does a Ford Transit have to do with Carpentry?

Carpentry Transit Van

Throughout the past 27 years I have had the pleasure to work with a wide variety of materials.

I have always tried to keep refining my offering, while constantly developing a best in class solution. Always questioning the status quo and becoming a thought leader within the industry.

Much like the Ford Transit!

First produced in 1965, since its creation over eight million Transit have been sold, making it the third best-selling van of all time.

So what can we all learn about from the Ford Transit when developing yourself?

During my development I have always been keen to keep refining my skills and boarded my knowledge base. Choosing to work with a wide variety of materials like wood, composite, metal and many more. Through working with all these different types of materials I have been able to learn how to create bespoke products using a wide variety of techniques.

Well over the past 50 years the ford transit has continued to revolutionised the market by constantly changing and developing its core product. Never content to sitting still, the designers at Ford kept refining, updating and improving the Ford Transit. With much success.

Another key factor of the Ford Transit dominance on the market was it was built on strong foundations create from the beginning.

Much like myself, always choosing to work with best in the industry to develop and hone my skills. All of this knowledge I have soaked up during the last 27 years has allowed me to build strong foundations.

What else is similar about the Ford transit and Josh?

Reliable and will always get the job done!

Why do I know so much about Ford Transits?

Well I have two! One is my trusted work van and the other is a camper which we take all over the UK and Europe.

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