Bespoke Projects – Starting as we mean to continue


Here at Josh Gosling Carpentry we believe that the small details matter. We also believe that every project is as important as the one before it and the one after. So we put as much thought, time and effort into every thing we do. As well as working on our customers projects we also spare some time to work on our own bespoke projects as well.

Recently we have bought a new (to us) work van, of course it’s a trusty white ford transit! When we bought him (Mufasa), it was clear it he has had a hard life up until now.  According to the V5 it was a white ford transit, but when we picked him up he was mostly dust brown inside and out…

As we every bespoke project we take on at Josh Gosling Carpentry, we sat down with the client to discuss their ideas and what their needs are. Starting with a full brief is key for a successful bespoke project.

Our brief we gave to ourselves was to have enough storage for all our tools, but to have the ability to be easily remove or folded away to allow for the full space of the van to be used when caring larger items for delivery.

This was quite a hard task as every “normal” van storage solution is fixed into the van and doesn’t allow for itself to be removed in a hurry.

At Josh Gosling Carpentry we normally find that inspiration happens at either 3am or on long car journeys. Well for this project it was a long car journey that gave us time to think of a solution.

Pad, paper and Google time!

Once back from our time up country to visit friend and family, it was design idea time. A few hours on Google to see what we could source and what we needed to design and build.

Orders now placed and designed sketched out, its now time to put the kettle on and wait for the post man.

We are pretty excited about how this bespoke project will turn out, so stay tuned for more updates.

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