What does a Ford Transit have to do with Carpentry?

Throughout the past 27 years I have had the pleasure to work with a wide variety of materials. I have always tried to keep refining my offering, while constantly developing a best in class solution. Always questioning the status quo and becoming a thought leader within the industry. Much like the Ford Transit! First produced[…]

Where did all this passion first start?

Passion is the driving force behind Josh Gosling. Passionate about design and creating things, Josh has had all on his knowledge and experience all built on a strong foundation. This foundation was all started with a small brick. Lego has always been something I have had very found memories of. Spending hours if not days[…]

Out of simplicity come great design

Josh Gosling is passionate about design and creating things. Always looking to simple yet beautiful items to create from. Let’s start off with something simple design that you could do yourself. A bedside table is one of the most important things in any bed room. Most important to put a cup of tea or coffee[…]