24th January 2020


Josh Gosling has been working with fiberglass and other composite materials for the last 15 years. While most of time was spent working these materials into weird and wonderful shapes over the recent years Josh saw an opportunity to use this knowledge and skill and start installing GRP (fiberglass) roofs. While GRP flat roofs might look a lot simple than the 3D shapes of a kayak and canoe, the importance of the installation is even more critical. 

You wouldn’t want any water leaking into your canoe and you really wouldn’t want any water leaking in your GRP flat roof would you?!! 

A fiberglass roof or GRP flat roof is one of the most common and well used flat roofing system in the UK. This method was roofing has been used for over 60 years. 

Once installed and sensibly looked after, a GRP flat roof can last for at least 25-30 years.

Depending on your needs Josh Gosling Carpentry can offer many different solutions and constructions methods to insure you have the best possible result. Attention to detail is Josh’s ethos; everything is left exactly as he found it, but with the addition of your new bespoke project.

Josh is highly skilled, polite, and conscientious and will ensure you are 100% satisfied with the finished job.

Call Josh on 07954181042 to discuss how we can insure you are fully water tight with a new GRP flat roof.