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If you are looking to improve the space in your house, a home extension could be something you are considering. We are proud to be a trusted house extension builder who can offer full project management of all services if required. We’ve created beautiful spaces for new bedrooms / guest rooms, home offices and of course kitchen extensions and dining rooms.

What to Consider When Choosing an Extension

There are lots of factors to consider when choosing to build an extension, rather than moving to add more space to your original house. We’ve outlined some of these below.

What space do you need?

The first thing to consider is how you’d like your home to work. And how you and your family live. An extension could be a simple lean-to on the side of your house to create a dining area, or walk-in-pantry. Or it could be a two-storey development with a bedroom and ensuite above a new kitchen.

We have worked on all sorts of extensions for traditional houses, to new builds and barn conversions.

Do you need Planning Permission?

Do you need planning permission? Most extensions can be built under ‘permissive development rights’, but it’s important you check with the local authority what is allowed for your house. You will also need Building Control approval, but we can help you with that.

How Much Does a Home Extension Cost?

There is obviously no short answer to how much a house extension will cost. However, current estimates (2022/2023) are approximately  £1,800 – £2,300/m2 for a fairly standard single storey extension project managed on your behalf by a builder. These costs can vary, especially on your choice of fixtures and finishes in your home.

We offer a free consultation and no obligation estimate for your project.


Is a Home Extension Worth It?

The question will building an extension add value to my home? Is probably one you are considering if you are contemplating increasing the living space of your house. It’s all about balance. If you are intending to sell in the relatively near future it is important to review similar properties in your area for both their market price and sold price. This of course is easier if there are similar houses in your area. Building a small house extension, while adding value in terms of space, may not add much value to your house if you come to sell it. Choosing a large extension should increase the sale price of your home, but the extension costs will be more. As we said, it’s all about balance. And be realistic about your budget.

However, we believe you should make decisions with both your head and your heart. If improving your home will make you happier, as long as you are comfortable with the expenditure, then there is also value in this.

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Choose a Builder

If you decide to go ahead with an extension, we also believe it is important to choose a builder you feel comfortable with. Don’t forget, they could be in your home for weeks, if not months. We will work with you from beginning to end on your project. We want to be proud of the finished project and you to love your newly improved home.

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