Bespoke Bedrooms

We create beautiful bedrooms with creative storage solutions and bespoke blackout shutters.

We’re often advised about the importance of a good night’s sleep.

“Giving your body the right amount of rest and sleep is an essential part of everyday life and we require it to function. Yet one in three of us suffer from poor sleep. There are many reasons why you might not be getting enough; the reasons can often be split between stress, your lifestyle, struggling with aches and pains or the environment you’re sleeping in.” The Sleep Series | Bupa Health

Where you sleep has a big impact on how well rested you feel. The perfect room would be clutter-free, with ample storage space to keep everything organised. Your sleeping environment should be dark and quiet as well as a comfortable temperature. We can offer solutions to all of these problems through fitted bespoke bedroom furniture and hand crafted wooden shutters.

bespoke bedroom furniture wardrobes josh gosling
bespoke bedroom furniture bedhead and drawers josh gosling carpentry
bespoke bedroom furniture wardrobes storage josh gosling carpentry

We consider each bespoke bedroom carefully and discuss with you what you want to create the most relaxing space. In the example above, storage was a critical part of the design. Plenty of shelf space with both short and tall hanging areas, designed to fit everything in from shirts to long dresses. The floating bedside tables are soft close and wouldn’t look out of place in a premium hotel room. 

blackout bedroom shutters josh gosling carpentry

Blackout Bedroom Shutters

We have built a strong reputation for our beautiful bedroom shutters. Designed to give you the best sleep possible in a dark, quiet and comfortable temparature. They are unique to you and your bespoke bedroom. We offer different styles, fittings and colours to create your perfect bedroom.

Window shutters are an excellent solution to keep your bedroom cool in the summer, and warmer in the winter.

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